To glorify God by working with all our heart, the Derek Prescott Foundation is passionate about making a difference and providing opportunities to help others.
— Our Mission

How We Are Helping

The Foundation is just getting started, but we are already working with the Platte Valley Schools and the Kersey Community to make a real impact. Here are just a few ways we are supporting the local community. 


platte valley elementary school

The foundation supports the Platte Valley Elementary School through the Derek Prescott Fund (previously the Youth Helps account) to provide students in need with coats, shoes and clothing items, sports fees, school supplies and other items or services that benefit students in need. 


Platte Valley Middle School

The foundation supports the Platte Valley Middle School to reward students who exemplify our mission by working hard in the classroom and in sports. In addition, the foundation helps with families who need financial assistance for sports fees or apparel, like shoes.


Platte Valley High School Scholarships

Since 2017, the Derek Prescott Foundation has been awarding the Derek Prescott Memorial Scholarship to seniors at Platte Valley High School. Learn more on our scholarship page.


Kersey Community basketball court

The foundation is working with the town of Kersey and local businesses to build a community basketball court in Derek's memory.