2018 scholarship recipient, Hayden Fox with 2017 scholarshp recipient, Issah Smith.

2018 scholarship recipient, Hayden Fox with 2017 scholarshp recipient, Issah Smith.


The Derek Prescott Memorial Scholarship is awarded to seniors graduating from Platte Valley High School. All scholarships will be payable to any post-secondary or trade school for the pursuit of furthering education.

Derek was passionate, dedicated and hard working – both on and off the court. He was committed to achieving success through hard work and never passed up an opportunity to help fellow classmates, teammates or others be more successful.

His leadership style included his ability to help others be better and achieve greater success. Derek was always looking for ways to help everyone around him be and do better.   

While many knew Derek for his accomplishments in sports – where he excelled at basketball and was a two-time state track qualifier placing in both individual and team events – Derek’s true character was rooted in his unparalleled work ethic.

Derek was a champion and a leader because of his desire to work longer, harder and better than everyone else. While this was evident in sports, Derek also displayed these characteristics at school, at work and around his family.

The Derek Prescott Memorial Scholarship is an opportunity to award a high school students that further Derek’s legacy by upholding core values including a strong work ethic, leadership, and the desire to help others succeed.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world!
— Howard Zinn

2019 Scholarship Winners

Ashlyn Ochsner - $3,500
Madelyn Uyemura $1,000
Annika Zenk - $1,000
Ernesto Rios - $1,000
Marilyn Aab - $1,000
Bryson Becker - $1,000
Joseph Smith - $1,000
John Trevon Wehrman - $1,000
Colby Carmin - $1,000
Jaren Albrighton - $1,000
Faith Fetzer - $1,000
Kelton Lauer - $1,000
Brian Rodriguez - $1,000

2018 Scholarship Winners

Hayden Fox - $3,500
Jacey Reinert - $1,000
Kaleb Johnson - $1,000
Bo Miller - $1,000
Eric Smith - $1,000
Zachary Waite - $1,000
Shyanne Carlson - $1,000
Fernanda Villareal - $1,000
Gizel Garcia - $1,000
Mabel Guerra - $1,000
Brittany Self - $1,000
Gerardo Garcia - $1,000
Hunter Thorn - $500
Dustin Horn - Honorary Recepient

To the family of Derek,

It is with great humility and gratitude that I accept your scholarship and would like to thank you for this great opportunity. I am sincerely honored to have been selected the recipient of the Derek Prescott Foundation scholarship and strive to continue Derek’s legacy of working hard and helping others. Thank you, so much for your generosity, and the opportunity this scholarship will bring to me for the upcoming fall semester.

I plan on studying to obtain a Spanish major at the Colorado State University, from there I plan to either be a foreign languages teacher or a translator and work in courts or in hospitals. I love helping the community and others I hope that by enrolling to college I can continue helping others and be able to either teach the community the cultures and languages of another country or help be the bridge of those who come to our country and have trouble communicating. I have recently attended orientation and received my schedule, because of how high my placement test was in Spanish I skipped three Spanish classes, and placed in Spanish reading/writing; they want me to take an assessment at the first week of school to see if I need to move on to phonetics. They also told me to consider learning another language and studying abroad. 

As I complete my education here at CSU, I am very thankful for receiving your thoughtful gift. My family is very proud, we did not think we would have been able to afford college. Because of this scholarship, you have given me and my family hope for the future as I persevere to achieve a goal that has very rarely been done in my family.

Thank you again for your generosity and God bless. 

Gizel Garcia, 2018 Scholarship Recepient

Scholarship Guidelines


Applicants must:

  1. Be a high school senior at Platte Valley High School.

  2. Have a 2.5 GPA or higher.


  • A copy of the most current official transcript from Platte Valley High School must accompany the application form.

  • One letter of recommendation from employers or community members (club leaders, pastors, etc.).


The Selection Committee will choose winners based on:

  • School, community and extracurricular (including employment) activities.

  • Responses to questions on application. (A neat, handwritten application is preferred.)


Use of Scholarship

To receive this scholarship, students must attend a post-secondary or trade school for the fall term or semester immediately following graduation from high school.

Payment of Scholarship

Immediately after completion of registration in an accredited post-secondary or trade school, students should send the completed proof of fall class schedule for payment to be made.

Payment will be made payable to the recipient and your college, university, or trade school.

Submitting Scholarships

Applications are available at the counselor's office at Platte Valley High School.

Completed applications, to be received by the Platte Valley High School Counselor's Office no later than April 2.